Franchi Motorsports is a small, family owned and operated business based out of Columbus, Ohio that grew from Brian Franchi’s deep passion and love of all things automotive related. If it has wheels, he probably likes it and knows something about modifying it and how to make it go faster. Brian has always been the go-to guy for friends and family when it comes to auto performance and spends a good amount of time planning and building his own fun project vehicles, ranging from basic bolt performance parts to twin turbo setups currently on his F-150 daily driver.

Tuning and car performance modifications always go hand in hand, especially in today’s technology driven world and in 2012 Brian formed Franchi Motorsports, starting out small just selling used tuners. Franchi Motorsports continues to grow and is now a dealer / distributor for many of the most popular tuning companies including SCT, Bully Dog, Edge and Superchips. His wife, Stephanie, is part of the team now too. All those years of being married to and listening to a gear-head have paid off (thanks, honey!) and she’s become an expert at all things tune-related.

Franchi Motorsports knows performance and knows customer service. There are a lot of places you can purchase a tuner for your vehicle, so what makes us stand out from the rest? The answer is simple – we know our products, have the technical ability and expertise to help you pick the best tuner for your exact vehicle setup and modifications, and above all, deliver outstanding customer service with a
personal touch.

Welcome to and thank you for visiting Franchi Motorsports – a place to get all your tuning needs met with fast and amazing customer service. We specialize in late model vehicle engine and transmission PCM tuning primarily for Ford, GM, Dodge and Jeep vehicles with SCT, Bully Dog, Edge and Superchips brand tuner / programmers! Whether you are looking to tune your truck for increased horsepower and better gas mileage or building a modified sports car from mild to wild, we have the expertise and programmers
you need!

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